About us

With over 5 combined years of retail sales, customer service, fulfillment, embroidery, sticker and t-shirt printing. SugoiHQ is our passion and dream coming together growing from our respective brands over the years.
The story behind "SugoiHQ" name and logo is quite simple as "Sugoi" pays homage to our anime and Japanese culture fandom roots as "Sugoi" express excitement like "cool!", "awesome!", "Wow!" and the exclammation mark and two sparkles represents our individual brands combined together.

Our mission statement:
We strive to provide our production services with the best quality possible at a reasonable cost. We want to be your partner and we are here to take care of the production side of your projects; so you can focus on running and growing your business.
We are proud to be a USA based small business and we simply we love to help as we understand the struggle of trying to source the right printer to fulfill your stickers and apparel as a start-up or just wanting to get custom gifts made for friends and family or your employees.